• "The notes were fantastic. The speaker was clear, decisive, well spoken and gave heaps of exam tips."

  • "The presenter knew the content well and covered things I had missed in class, but are actually important! The presenter was really clear and easy to understand – he knew how to show us what applying our knowledge really means."

  • "I would recommend ACED because the lecture clarified the content that we needed to know for the exam, and the presenter was very engaging and knowledgeable."

  • "The presenter used lots of relatable examples in a humorous manner! The notes are really comprehensive and will help me revise everything for the exam."

  • “Really engaging and comprehensive lecture! Highly recommended!”

  • “The notes were a great summary, very easy to understand and a good condensed version for the study design. Overall an amazing lecture from which I learned a lot, great revision tool! And a very engaging, knowledgeable and enjoyable speaker.”

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